Not all data need to be "big" to be complex
Our strength is the ability to take a bunch of little details and scale them up into big picture ideas and direction.  

We develop hypotheses, do detailed regression and correlation analyses, provide predictive analytic capabilities, and help organizations understand what it takes to fill in the gaps.

  • Predictive Analytics
- Customer churn
- Business cycle slowdown
- Employee churn
- Improved outcome analysis
  • Optimization/Price Optimization
  • Machine Learining
  • Data mining
  • Text Analytics
  • Sales force analytics
  • Regression trees
  • Correlation Analysis

One of our premiere services is Data Augmentation.  We can merge your internal data with external data sources to create improved business insight.  Our philosophy is that you are the experts in your business.  We can help your business look both inward and outward.


The AccelerateAnalytics Strategy Practice can take the big picture view and use data to determine the direction.  If your business has a goal, we use data to help you decide: (1) which way to go, and (2) how to get there.

  • Business Expansion – Greenfield or Acquisition
  • Product Go-To-Market Roadmap
  • Cannibalization Analysis
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Data Monetization
  • Project Prioritization

Doing a whole bunch of fancy analytics works for many purposes, but sometimes, you just need to make the information portable.   Convenience matters in our personal lives.   It follows that the same has now become true for our professional experiences.  AccelerateAnalytics will make your insights portable!

  • Mobile Solutions – for "Feet on the Street"
  • Dashboards that help get work done
  • At-A-Glance Performance Management
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