Our diverse team has worked in many industries.  Regardless of the tools you use to house your data, our teams holistic approach to go broad, deep, and broad again will help bring a fresh approach to your business to fuel your growth.





LIFE SCIENCES.  For life science and pharma companies looking to expand their pipeline through acquisition, Accelerate Analytics provides clinically-driven pipeline quantification services.  We understand how formulary decisions are made.  We can can analyze prospective compounds. Our three-step methodology includes: (1) analyzing the health economic impact of prospective compounds, (2) quantify the drug’s position on formulary (3) assess the financial impact of compound acquisition on the overall pipeline.
Immuno-oncology is transforming medicine.  Traditionally, sales and marketing teams worked hard for physicians to understand the product profile to increase uptake.  Today’s analytical and technology tools are completely changing this conversation.

AccelerateAnalytics understands how to combine the scientific data, the marketing insight, with on-the ground solutions to provide measurable results in product adoption.  Additionally, our expertise in claim and POS data analysis can to evaluate the efficacy and ROI of marketing campaigns.
HEALTHCARE.  The interconnectivity of the healthcare community – Patients, Payers, Providers, Pharma, and Regulatory Agencies – has an evolving complexity virtually unparalleled to any industry today.  And unlike financial services 20 years ago, many players in the healthcare industry do not have the appetite to fritter away resources toward fixing the highly fragmented industry.  

AccelerateAnalytics allows Payers & Providers to make sound investments in greenfield technology built upon data-driven decisions rather than assumptions.
POWER & UTILITIES.  With the advent of IoT, the Utilities Industry is specially poised to process data on a massive scale.  From Smart Grid to Smart Power, performance data is available real time.   And for a regulated industry, there are many opportunities to pull down pieces of actionable intelligence and improve profit margins.  .  We provide practical machine learning solutions to obtain maximum ROI on your Smart Grid investments. 
SEMICON & CONSUMER ELECTRONICS.  Chips on one end, devices on the other.   Prices going down.  Competition going up.  And Moore’s Law ever at play.  How can a company compete?  Accelerate Analytics develops predictive solutions for companies on both ends of the spectrum.  And we understand how IoT (Internet of Things) is changing this for everyone and everything.
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